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"Pride runes", is an initiative by the artist Robert "Rawburt" Söderström to spread and nurture the culture that has existed in the north much longer than us. It is about spreading information about these symbols in order to gain a greater understanding of its ancient power and will, as well as to prevent them being used by the wrong people and in the long run become symbols of something that is not.

It has happened earlier in our history and they are happening again!



The vision is that everyone should be able to carry these symbols (on the chest) and to share their power and

the right information (on the back).



The purpose of this is to give people a place to discuss the Nordic culture while talking about equality and how to move forward in the struggle for a society with compassionate values. Shieldmaiden or not.



The project was born in July 2018 when the artist designed the first runes after a crazy week in Almedalen on Gotland.

FRONT - Rune
BACK - Information

  The Runes T-shirt does Excist in both 

  "Rainbow colours" and a  

  "Stone" design.

The info is written in Swedish - English version is coming soon! 

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