The Rawburt proudly presents a new multi artist collaboration project!

In 2021, a new line of t-shirt´s will launch every month.


Art that every human, in all ages and shapes can wear! 

In a Corona safe way the collaboration is created and based on an exclusive and secret theme that only the artist knows about until the launch via Instagram. 



The vision is to make the boundaries of collaboration expand and

even though the pandemic is canceling a lot of work for artists, this is a way to still create.

The purpose  is to provide the art of different creatives a platform.

No matter where they are currently residing. Thus far artists from countries like France, UK, Sweden (and many more) are involved.

The project of this borderless project was born in the mind of Rawburt several years ago.

It was when connecting and working with street artist @puurlguurl via Instagram that he realized that artists don’t have to meet in real life to collaborate.


This motivativated Rawburt to take the limited edition t-shirt idea to the next level.


 A P R I L 

Ana Strandberg

- based on paintings from the project ”Dreamscape” that tells the story of perception & transformation in different forms.

Is transformation the only thing that is constant? 

Dancer & Artist

 M A R C H 

Petter Elnerud

A series of photographic based art that expresses how inner demons can affect you and your mind.

- Have your inner demons developed during the last year?



Leonard Frey Maibach

- this collaboration is based on weird ideas , Zoomies and a lot of laughter. Do you agree?

Cellist and Painter


Name of the artist

- short presentation of the collaboration , purpose or/what they want to say with the motives.

The artists genre and/or style

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