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"Just click on it"

By and with: Julia Kannewischer & Robert "Rawburt" Söderström

Music by: Petter Häggström

In collaboration with each other we are in the process of outlining a project, which discusses the correlation between sustainability and the interconnectedness of all existence. 


Instead of meeting in person due to the coronavirus, we have been talking to each other online almost every day since 15th April 2020.

The global crisis has not only had an impact on our original scheduling plans, but also greatly influenced the conceptualisation of this project - in the most positive way it has made us question what kind of art is needed at this moment in time.  




At the core of sustainability for the future co-existence of humanity and nature lies the deep understanding of us humans as a part of nature. 

Cultivation of looking for answers, solutions and happiness outside of ourselves has led to over-consumption, exploitation of the earth and the current state of human disconnection to the self and nature, which in the long-term is an unsustainable way of existence for humanity and the planet. 


We aim to create an energetic space, which enables the re-establishment of a sense of connection to oneself, each other and nature, understanding that it is all interconnected and that the happiness we are looking for in the outside world actually resides in the depth of honest connection. Collective healing of our relationships to ourselves and our surroundings is directly linked to healing the planet.    


The work itself is sustainable, as it is capable of adapting to different spaces and situations. It works in the form of a performance as well as an installation. 

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