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Multi-artist. ​

Robert ” Rawburt ” Söderström is an Educated

Dancer and a talented Multi-Artist. ​


He was born and raised on an Island in the middle

of the Baltic sea called Gotland, and art and creativity

have always been a big part of Rawburt’s life. ​


After his studies in dance in New York and Sweden as well as in

Munich at IWANSON. He has been working alongside many big names

such as Fredrik ”Benke” Rydman´s ”The Nutcracker Reloaded”,

which has been performed both in Stockholm and around Europe.

He has been working with many diverse projects both in the Streetdance world and the contemporary dance scene, for example, the Salzburg Festspiele, Body Rock in SanDiego, Jump United/That´s Dance in New Dehli and with Celidance in Skellefteå. ​


In the last few years, Rawburt has been painting and dancing more than ever and is gaining recognition for his work. He aspires to exhibit his work in a number of diverse countries and to continually evolve his career both as a visual artist, designer, dancer, teacher,, photographer and makeup artist.

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